Release notes for OSDConfig application

Version 2.5

Added support for automatic unit conversion on distance based fields (VPI scale)

Version 2.15 beta

more minor bug fixes to properly handle the Naze32 and Flip32 flight controller product selection and saving those settings to take effect.

Version 2.145

Changed the method of updating the application to the new version.

Version 2.14

Fixed Video out mode not taking effect nor saving. Dual-CVBS and S-Video modes are now usable.

Version 2.13

Added AbuseMark's Naze32 and's Flip32 to supported flight controllers using MultiWii telemetry protocol.
Fixed not disabling the DJI CAN module when another flight controller is selected.

Version 2.12

Added feature to allow user definable PWM port selection for remote toggle of Picture-in-picture feature.

*Please note* current saved user profile may fail to load due to changes

Error Handling for User profile has been enhanced

Version 2.1

Added support for Autoquad AQ6

Version 2.0

Note: Make sure you are using the latest Firmware for the new features in OSDConfig to work properly.

Enabled DJI Settings

Added method for tracking uncommitted changes to profile (file) and OSD settings. Now, when exiting without saving a prompt will offer to make the changes before exit.

Changed options to include support for VSI (variometer ) currently supported styles and positions

Added support for CAN1 - DJI models except A2. This is automated based on manufacturer and model selected

Added support for dynamically changing the distance readout to a higher significant format (ex. feet to miles) when it best suits the situation (value is beyond 1 mile). Also added support to show small units (ex. feet) in whole numbers and larger units (ex. miles) in decimal format.

Added user Setting to Auto-hide unused gauges on the main OSD Screen


Version 1.999

Changed the way the OSD Guage values handles are preserved for currently unmanaged bits.

Version 1.996

Changed the Default VPI Blink rate to 5hz

Changed the description of Video Source to Default PIP and moved it to Video Source.


Version 1.994


Adjusted Tooltips for new UI items


Added ability to utilize local files - Previously the restore settings icon on the far left will now allow the user to name their load/save a named profile. Now, there are buttons for Load and Save profiles.


Changed the default value for VPI blink rate to 30 The empty value was causing problems when a user connected and immediately sent would crash on the default value.


Added saving of session and restore ability session is automatically saved on the first reception of Data from the OSD. To restore the session settings at any time, press <CTRL+D>. If there  is no active session, CTRL+D will have no effect.


Added system to display release notes